Tuition & Fees
Annual registration fee - $20.00 per student.  When students register during our 3-day registration in August, they receive a free “Dance Centre” tee shirt.
One-hour Classes
1st class - $54.00 per month
2nd class - $48.60 additional per month
3rd class - $43.73 additional per month
4th class - $39.35 additional per month
5th class - $35.41 additional per month
45-Minute Classes
1st class - $42.00
2nd class - $37.80
3rd class - $34.01
4th class - $30.61
5th class - $27.55
Tuition discounts apply to siblings.
Recital pictures are taken every June prior to the recital.  The photographers come to the studio and photograph each class.  You may have your child/children photograph individually after the group picture.  We ask that each student attends “picture day” so we have a picture of the entire class for the studio.  You are under no obligation to purchase recital pictures.
Recital Costume fees:  Approximately $55.00-$70.00 per costume.  The Dance Centre does not have an additional “recital fee” for participation.
Recital Tickets:  Our annual recital is held at the Historic Valentine Theatre downtown Toledo.  There is an admission fee per person.  Advance tickets are $20.00 per adults and $10.00 per student.